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18th Century Music

An interactive music resource on the web.
We invite contributions from academics and students, performers and audiences alike and ask only that you become a member of the site and that what you submit is both interesting and informative. Start a debate in one of our forums or get your work published electronically.
Browse resources like composer biographies, stylistic descriptions, reviews and comment, in addition to links to other music sites and services. Please join our 18th Century 'Family' and take part in promoting and discussing this amazing part of musical history.
18th Century Music is also linked to Cantata Editions which prepares and publishes the work of editors around the globe, presenting 17th and 18th century musical works in accurate performing editions.

Select the music you'd like to view and suggest music you would like to see available on the site.

We have access to some of the greatest collections of manuscripts in the world, both autograph copies of whole operas and excellent contemporary collections of arias and cantatas by a vast range of composers. Take advantage of this and of the music and articles available.

If you have a transcription or an article you'd like to add to the collection, please sign-up and add your work.

All are welcome here! Please enjoy the site and come back regularly to check on our newest additions, or join our mailing list below:

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